Job seekers

The NIP-YE platform will help you grab job opportunities. Download the app from app store (Google play) and access the more information.


Use this platform for posting jobs and for recruiting potential applicants. For those employers who employ skill or talent, use the platform to identify the best available skilled persons that they wish to employ. The employers are also able to contact recruited applicants through the system

Academic institutions

These stakeholders are on board for the reason of interaction between the students and thier lectures. The system is aimed at making your interactions better not to replace the existing ones like the e-learning platforms.

Entrepreneurial trainers

The NIP-YE project highly recognises entrepreneurial trainres in a sense that they impart additional practical knowledge to students/ job seekers NIP-YE is here to strengthen the relationship between the trainers and thier trainees.



The idea is to develop a software system that will act as a platform for young people to access employment opportunities. The platform will expose young people’s academic skills and competences acquired from universities and technical institutions to potential employers. The platform will also enable young East Africans to access necessary qualifications required by potentials employers in order to pursue available opportunities without delay.

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  • Our goal is to provide and create employment opportunities by promoting youth academic skills and competences from universities and technical institutions in Uganda and Kenya.

Specific objectives

  • To develop a software system that identifies and links youth skills from various academic disciplines to prospective employers.
  • To promote entrepreneurial skills among youths through the software system.



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