The YE system ia an IT-based innovation that enebles the ineraction amongst employers, jobseekers, entrepreneurial trainers and academic institutions, in East Africa. It is a mobile and web based application software system.

About us

The yeapp innovation is the ultimate IT solution for unemployment. It is a mobile and web based application that provides a platform for the youth in East Africa to connect with employment opportunities.

The youth seeking jobs can now receive job adverts from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan and use the platform to apply for positions being applied.

We have a rich data base that avails your information on the available employers, entreprenual trainers, academic institutions. Through them you are kept up to date on any available employment opportunity.

With the various academic institutions on board, Students now have the chance to interact and acquire knowledge from all around East Africa.

If you wish to improve your entreprenual skills, you now have access to connect with entreprenual training organizations within East Africa. You simply have to access and enroll for these training programs through the app.

The app also carters for those in need of startups for new business innovations. International and internal organizations can now advertise grants and bids through the app.

Do you know and believe your skills and competences could be your alternative to employment? Use the app to market yourself, do this by uploading a short video of yourself demonstrating a skill in any respective discipline for potential connections to interested employers.

  • Are you an organization interested in employing youth with various capabilities, are you looking for a platform that makes it easy for you to advertise the various opportunities in your organization?
  • Do you wish to improve your entreprenual skills? You now have access to connect with entreprenual training organizations within East Africa? With the various trainers on board, It’s easier to enroll for training programs in all the respective disciplines like business, IT, internships and many more.
  • Are you ready to interact with the various institutions around east Africa? The yeapp has made it possible for you to keep in touch, acquire knowledge and share your new ideas with other students all over East Africa.
  • Are you an innovative person, skilled or in need of employment? you now have the perfect chance to access all kinds of opportunities across East Africa. With the new innovation, your talents too will get you closer to bids, grants and employment opportunities.


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